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Mehmet Ağa Mosque


    The Mehmet Ağa Mosque is situated in a prominent position in Socratous street, on top of an older building with Hospitaler period cross vaults. It is orientated to Mecca, so its plan is turned over that of the ground floor. As a result a pillar to carry one of its corners had to be erected in the junction of Socratous and Ag. Fanourious streets. It was built in 1820 and was repaired in 1875. It has a rectangular plan with an aedicule and a wooden minaret of polygonal plan – an Arabic influence. The minaret was later considered dangerous and was demolished. The architectural style of the mosque is influenced by a universal eclecticism, adopteded by the Ottoman architecture especially after the year1850.
    In the interior there was a particular chromatic decoration especially on the wooden parts of the gallery false ceiling, the minbar and the openings, revealed under layers of paint.
    The mosque has been fully restored by the Hellenic ministry of culture. Its restoration was based on old photographs.

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