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Disabled Care

Information for accesible tourism in Rhodes.

Access – information on accessibillity in Greece:

www.prosvasis.co and enter Rhodes to get information about Rhodes.

Accessible Rhodes : www.accessible – rhodes.com

The Cooperative Social Business “ASKLIPIADES” in cooperation with “Rhodes Association of Disabled Persons of Rhodes”, offers services to vulnerable social groups in order to improve their quality of life, to gain their integration and fight their social exclusion, as well as provides support and counseling to families. These services are offered both to residents and foreigners.

“Asklipiades”’ Services:
• Equipment Rental
• Transfer services
• Accessible areas.

Contact info:
“Asklipiades”- Rhodes Association of Disabled persons
Errikou Sliman 1, Rhodes, P.C. : 85100
Tel: 22410 63660 22410 72571
Web site:www.pwdservices.gr/ 
E-mail: info@pwdservices.gr