The Monastery of Saint George (Hurmali Medresse) « Πολιτιστικός και Ιστορικός Ξεναγός Δήμου Ρόδου

The Monastery of Saint George (Hurmali Medresse)


    It is on the western part of the Medieval City, at Apolloniou street. The layout of the three wings of the cell and the ledger circumferentially to the courtyard at the center is typical of the Byzantine monastery architecture. The ledger has four niches, with a 14th to 15th century AD dome, built on an older Post-Byzantine church. On the eastern part of the courtyard a patio was discovered, probably dating to the Early Christian period, 5th to 6th century AD.
    During the Ottoman period, the monastery was converted into a seminary (“medrese”) under the name “Humarli”, and the ledger was converted into a mosque. During the last years, the Ottomans used it as a school for girls, while in the 20th century AD it was turned into residences of poor families.
    The restoration of the site of the monastery from the Ministry of Culture was finished in 2006, and it was awarded an honorary distinction by EUROPA NOSTRA.

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