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Town Hall


    The Town Hall of Rhodes is situated to the north end of the city, in the end of 7th March Avenue, in Liberty sq. It is the last building constructed by the Italian occupation, under the command of Italian governor Cesare Maria de Vecchi, during 1937-1939, upon the “Imperial square”.
    The building of Casa Littoria was in fact built by architect Armando Bernabiti to host the club of facism in Rhodes, named after the fascio littorio, a packhage of branches tied together on an ax, an ancient symbol of a strong and righteous Rome and the official symbol of Fasism in modern Italy. In the square in front of Casa Littoria the statues of Octavianos and Julious Caesars were erected, gifts of Moussolini to Rhodes.
    In 1947, the integration of the Dodecanese to Greece was decided. On the 7th of March of the following year, in front of a Town Hall, with the symbols of fasism and the statues extracted and a square filled with people and, in the presence of the King of Greece, the Mayor and the Municipality Counsil of Rhodes kneeling on their knees, the greek flag, carried by women in traditional costumes of the islands of the Dodecanese, rose on its pole, after six centuries of foreign rule.

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