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Cem’s House


    Prince Cem or Zizim for west Europeans, arrives at Rhodes in 1482 as a guest and practically a hostage of the Knights, after fighting wars against his brother Bayezid, who was declared Sultan after the death of their father, Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror in 1481. The Knights, after the unsuccessful Ottoman siege of 1480 and the earthquakes of 1481, have started a large operation of restoring and reinforcing the fortifications of the city, while at the same time they try to sign agreements that will secure the survival of the state of the Order. The Knights undertake to supervise Cem, and send him to France, signing a non-aggression pact with the sultan. In 1488 he arrives in Rome as a “protégé” of the pope, where he proves to be a successful means of pressure each time his brother plans a campaign against Christian territories, until 1492 when he is imprisoned and in 1495 when he mysteriously dies, with his brother possibly being the perpetrator, who paid Rome to guarantee for his death.
    He is granted a residence-part of the dwelling of France on Knights’ street.
    The building is currently fully restored and houses the photography record of the Ephorate of antiquities of the Dodecanese.

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