Angel Tower and Windmills « Πολιτιστικός και Ιστορικός Ξεναγός Δήμου Ρόδου

Angel Tower and Windmills


    On the east side of the harbour, the Hellenistic Quay of the Windmills extends into the sea, in a North-South direction, for a distance of approximately 300m. In the Middle Ages it was crammed with 13 windmills from end to end, hence its name. Recent escavations in the area, revealed relics of Hellenistic and medieval constructions
    It is very likely that up to the second quarter of the 15th century the mole was almost devoid of fortifications. The Angel tower or Tower of the Windmills was built, circa 1440-1454, at the northern end of the Mole of the Windmills. The escutcheons of Grand Master Pierre d’ Aubbusson and the royal house of France, set high up in the wall, indicate when and on whose orders the last works were executed. The chain which closed the harbor passed through a hole in the west side of the tower and tied on the opposite side, to the Naillac tower, thus securing the port.

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