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Yeni Hamam Baths


    The Yeni Hammam is situated in Arionos Square in the medieval city of Rhodes, next to the mosque of Sultan Mustafa III. It was built probably in the 16th century as it appears on a list of existing buildings in a 1558’s firman of Sultan Selim, successor of Suleiman I, while its size –1070 square meters- and style, including “Persian Plumes” and engraved ornamentations, are similar to the large baths of the classical period of the Ottoman architecture (1453-1603).
    The bath was built in two faces. The men’s quarter was built first while the women’s quarter was added. The addition of the women’s section on the west side altered the original building which was symmetrical in plan, situating the entrance and the reception hall of the cold section (frigidarium) towards the north and the hot section (caldarium and tepidarium) towards the south.
    The Yeni Hammam, was fully restored in 2000, by the Municipality of Rhodes, in order for the place to keep functioning for the same original purpose. It is the only existing building of the kind in Rhodes and one of the rare ones still in use in Greece.

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